On Site Drug Testing, Inc.
                                                                    (708) 995-1256

On Site Drug Testing provides drug and alcohol services at your facility.  This allows companies to save valuable time by testing directly on the premises.  

The advantages of on-site testing:

Ø  Testing completed in 5-7 minutes

Ø  Employee is working up to the minute they are notified

Ø  No potential liability of employee driving to the clinic

Ø  Limited wait time for employee

Our staff is certified and proficient with the Department of Transportation Procedures & Regulations 49 CFR Part 40.  In addition to drug collection services we also offer Evidential Breath Testing .  This breath alcohol test gives instant results for alcohol concentration.  

On Site Drug Testing employs collectors that have achieved certification through the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPAA) and DATIA.  These certification programs uphold the highest professional standards in the drug testing industry.   

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